First President to Appear on Television

Who was the First President to Appear on Television?

Nowadays, we all know that mass media has great influence over everything, especially in politics. As of now, every politician seeks to appear before television in order for his or her country to know him. The more the people know the candidate, the more chance of getting more votes.


Maybe some of you are asking this question: Who is the first politician to appear on television? Well…since U.S. is the number one when it comes to technology during that time, their President is the first one to get aired on Television. And that President is none other than Franklin Delano Roosevelt himself.

First President to Appear on Television
First President to Appear on Television


If you think that his first appearance is a political advertisement, you’re definitely wrong. The truth is, it happened during the 1939 World Fair, the time which had marked the introduction of television to the public. During that day of April 30, 1939, President Roosevelt had employed the medium that had increased influence in all aspects, especially when it comes to politics.


Even though only a few Americans have heard his historical remarks during that time due to the limited availability of the television, the fact still remains that it became the start of something new and good, which he deemed as ‘adding sight to sound’.


And as of present, aside from the fact that monochrome televisions have ceased to exist and was replaced by colored ones, the Television is still one of the best existing medium to receive information.