For Americans: This Election Could Possibly Affect Your Health Insurance


Now that the 2016 US Presidential Election draws near, it is somewhat interesting to know that almost every American citizen is being considerate and careful when it comes to choosing his or her candidate. There’s definitely no contest against that matter, since the election will not just draw worldwide attention; it will also decide whether their country’s economy will improve or will just become worse. In the most personal way, however, the election will tend to affect their future health insurance as well. In order to be more precise, both parties (Republican and Democratic) have different views of the existing health care program, views that will definitely affect the law itself.

For Americans: This Election Could Possibly Affect Your Health Insurance
For Americans: This Election Could Possibly Affect Your Health Insurance


Affordable Care Act

Due to the family glitch issue, Americans’ views about the ACA are different from one another. And just like them, the Democratic and Republican parties also have views of their own. Passed by Democratic President Barack Obama, the existing Democratic Party aims to correct the mentioned family glitch and improve the ACA as a whole. In addition to that, they also want to extend its power to other U.S. Territories such as Hawaii. The Republicans, on the other hand, see the entire act as nothing but additional burden to U.S. citizens, therefore making them want to abolish the entire ACA itself and make a whole new health care approach.


Changes Concerning Health Savings Accounts

To those who didn’t know, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are tax savings accounts that enable the people to save money in order to pay for their potential medical expenses in the future. Aside from the fact that your money grows without you worrying about tax deductions, tax laws are still not enforced as long as you use it in order to pay for qualified medical expenses. However, since the existing law mostly favors those who have higher income, Donald Trump and the Republicans want to change it by adjusting the higher contribution limits as well as fewer HAS restrictions. Clinton and the Democrats, on the other hand, argued that the program is perfect by itself and needs no further changes.


Differing Views about Abortion and Contraceptives

While the Democratic Party favors contraceptive use and abortion as individual women’s right, the Republicans are definitely against it. They also oppose giving Federal funds to organizations that provide free abortion services like Planned Parenthood as well as providing free contraceptives to school-based clinics. However, Trump has made it clear that he’s in favor of allowing the sale of ‘over-the-counter’ contraceptives.



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