How Immigration Affects America as a Whole

How Immigration Affects America as a Whole

Nowadays, immigration issues are on the rise inside the U.S. This is because of the fact that President Donald Trump had passed an executive order that actually bans seven ‘countries of concern’ from entering the country. And if you’re going to look at the issue using a religious point-of-view, this definitely looks like a nationwide immigrant crackdown.

How Immigration Affects America as a Whole
How Immigration Affects America as a Whole


Terrorism Issues

During the previous Obama Administration, the laws concerning the strict monitoring of Muslims and their activities while inside the country has been repealed through the efforts of the U.S. Congress. However, because of the wars inside Middle East especially during the height of worldwide ISIS scares, accepting refugees and immigrants alike became an apparent concern for the Trump Administration. It is only usual to think that terrorists can easily disguise themselves as ‘refugees’ or immigrants just to enter the country without raising suspicion. Because of this, President Trump had proposed once again that the Muslim immigrants, regardless of whatever country they came from, must be identified and monitored accordingly. In addition to this, Trump prioritizes Christians above Muslims aside from limiting the number of refugees entering the country to about 50,000 per year.


Immigration Effects on the U.S. Economy

Since an immigrant worker’s wage is comparably lower to those of a native-born worker, most jobs that require manpower are usually given to them. Because of this, young American citizens either end up having no job at all or just decide to go back to school in order to achieve a degree. Furthermore, it is reported that between years 2000 and 2013, native-born workers are lessened by at least 1.3 million in number. This is because of the fact that most companies hire immigrant workers in order to minimize overall operation costs.


But if President Trump decides to pass laws that will restrict the H1-B Visa Program, the companies that employ foreign workers such as Facebook and Google will suffer economically through the loss of their valuable employees. When this happens, their success will definitely go down.


Immigration Effects on an American Citizen

Immigration both has positive and negative effects to Americans. Just as mentioned earlier, the number of unemployed Americans will increase, though not exponentially. However, since companies spend less when it comes to manpower, the overall cost of their products and services offered to everyone, especially Americans, will be lessened also.