Barack Obama

Who’s the President that Nominated the Highest Number of Supreme Court Judges?

If you think that President Barack Obama is that one, well…You’re definitely wrong. Maybe the reason why most of you think that is because the media and most of the public have made it a big deal.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama


The truth is, what Barack Obama has done is just normal. As a matter of fact, the past U.S. Presidents before him have made more than that. The only thing that made his actions a big deal is the fact that mostly, it is a known political strategy for an outgoing President that he leave his or her allies as a majority. The reason behind that strategy is the fact that if the most number of Supreme Court Judges happens to be with the President’s Political Party, there’s a chance that the future dealings of the U.S. Government will be affected by the Judges’ Stand. Influence plays a great part in Politics after all, isn’t it?


If you’re really that curious, the U.S. President who has nominated the most number of judges who had eventually made it to Supreme Court is none other than Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Being the U.S. President who had managed to serve for four consecutive terms (and he is a Democrat), eight of his nominated Supreme Court Judges had actually made it into their rightful office. And that being said, if Barack Obama’s Third Nominee makes it into office, this will make him right into the middle of the nomination list, having three successful nominations.