Six Main Reasons why Americans Didn’t Want to Vote Donald Trump

Six Main Reasons why Americans Don’t Want to Vote Donald Trump

If you have any idea about what’s happening in the U.S. right now, you must have already known that Hillary Clinton had taken the lead in the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election against her Republican rival, the infamous Donald Trump. To those who didn’t know, Donald Trump is actually a world-class business magnate who owns companies located in various countries aside from those inside the U.S.

Six Main Reasons why Americans Didn’t Want to Vote Donald Trump
Six Main Reasons why Americans Didn’t Want to Vote Donald Trump

Listed below are six of the obvious reasons why Americans did not want to vote for Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential Elections:

  1. His Vulgar Behavior. Being a world-class businessman, Donald Trump has a habit of saying things straight especially when it comes to dealing with matters concerning his co-candidates and the country itself. We all know and accept the fact that honesty is a must. However, if you can’t control yourself from speaking your thoughts most of the time, people will definitely hate you for it. As of now, most Americans know him as a drama queen.


  1. His Loss against Hillary Clinton when it comes to poll surveys. Out of twenty-five poll surveys, Donald Trump had only managed to have four wins and one tie against Clinton’s twenty wins. Even though most Americans think that surveys don’t matter, undecided voters are still using this as a reference for their candidate.


  1. Most Republicans don’t like his behavior. It’s a well-known custom for every candidate, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, to respect your opponents as much as possible. And since Republicans are mostly conservative when it comes to both behavior and lifestyle, they don’t approve Trump’s behavior of insulting and intimidating his opponents.


  1. His Belief on White Supremacy. Donald Trump is an outspoken racist, having likened Mexico to a slum area that manufactures drugs and all Muslims as terrorists.


  1. Most voters don’t think of him becoming a good President. Because of his well-known image of having a rather vengeful personality, people think of him as a potential threat to the whole country. Most of them think that Trump will just abuse his presidential power, therefore making the decision to reject him completely.


  1. He’s not patriotic at all. Even though Trump wants to pass laws giving war veterans more benefits, his practices actually say otherwise. Aside from the fact that most of his company’s products are made in Mexico and China, he also favors hiring foreigners over his own fellowmen to work in his company.


Because of these six main reasons, people are now planning to cast their votes in favor of Hillary Clinton, who is a well-known lawmaker and stateswoman aside from being known as the wife of former President Bill Clinton. But in order to make sure, let us all wait patiently until November.