The 9/11 Attack is Nothing But Bin Laden’s Fatal Strategic Miscalculation

The 9/11 Attack: Bin Laden’s Fatal Strategic Miscalculation

One of the most memorable terrorist attacks for this century is none other than the 9/11 Attack on the U.S., which is more commonly known as ‘Ground Zero’. Fifteen years after the attack, the victims are still traumatized of what had happened, especially those who had lost their families in the said attack. Actually three attacks in three different places in America, the 9/11 attack aims to persuade America in withdrawing their military activities in the Middle East. The attack is said to be planned by the Al Qaeda terrorist network leader Osama Bin Laden, who actually claimed that the successful attack had proved his theory that America is nothing but a paper tiger. However, the things that eventually happened afterwards had only proved his so-called ‘theory’ wrong in every aspect.

The 9/11 Attack: Bin Laden’s Fatal Strategic Miscalculation


  1. Bin Laden and Al Qaeda’s 9/11 proved nothing but a strategic failure. To those who didn’t know, the main reason behind the 9/11 attack is for Al Qaeda to persuade the US Government to withdraw military support out of the Middle East especially Saudi Arabia, which is believed to be Prophet Mohammad’s land. Since Bin Laden is at war with Saudi Arabia’s Caliphate and the country is allies with the US itself, he thought that attacking US from within will break the so-called ‘relationship’. But as we all know, the attack only amplified the US Government’s efforts in eradicating them once and for all.


  1. Bin Laden’s ‘US Weakness Theory’ is just an illusion. Osama Bin Laden thought that America is actually a weak country despite having the advanced tactical weaponry, which he later ‘proved’ through the 9/11 attack. After getting successful defeats from Vietnam, Somalia and Beirut, he initiated the terrorist attack that killed more than three thousand Americans. However, the attack was proven to be a loss a month after the Americans had decided to retaliate, making them flee out of their bases. That’s when the subsequent attacks to the terrorist network had started, eventually toppling their efforts in the end.


  1. The 9/11 Attack was fabricated in order for the US to make strategic mistakes in the Middle East. Just like a man going berserk right after getting provoked, the 9/11 is planned to provoke the US into retaliating, eventually committing strategic mistakes. This is partly true, since the decision of Former US President George Bush to invade Iraq and further involvement in other Middle East affairs is now known as one of the worst strategic mistakes that the country had committed.