Harry Truman

Harry Truman: The Poorest U.S. President

Most of us think that being the U.S. President means being on the top of the world due to the fact that aside from being one of the richest countries, the U.S. Government also owns the World Bank. However, unknown to most of us, there was a U.S. President that suffered poverty, and that is Harry S. Truman.

Harry Truman
Harry Truman


Widely known as ‘Dirty Harry’ mainly because of the fact that he is the U.S. President who had passed the order to destroy Hiroshima, Japan by means of an Atomic Bomb, his title also contains a rather different kind of meaning.


Being the only U.S. President who doesn’t have a college degree, Harry Truman’s victory during the election was very remarkable due to the fact that all of his opponents are millionaires and have at least finished a college degree. According to historian David McCullough, Truman had lost $35,000 from his store, Truman and Jacobson and had suffered a near bankruptcy. This haberdashery business had caused him to get strapped of money for 20 years. But because of his determination, Harry Truman had managed to pay the share of his store’s debt. Aside from this, he was proved failure for being a business man due to the fact that he had also lost most of his money in mining and oil businesses.


Because of this bare fact, the U.S. Congress have decided to boost the Presidential salary wherein Harry Truman had received a 33 percent pay raise during the start of his second term.