Donald Trump

Trump’s Team is Now Devising Plans to Force Register Muslims in the U.S.

The newly-elected U.S. President Donald Trump’s policy advising team is now devising some plans regarding the force registration of Muslim immigrants who are now living inside the country. The plans are revealed by a man who is believed to be a key member of the President’s transition government team.


Kansas’ Secretary of State Kris Kobach said that Trump’s advisers are now looking for some ways in order to force Muslim immigrants to get registered in their immigration database without causing uproar in the whole country. As we all know, a similar plan was devised and implemented by Bush administration after the 9/11 attack, forcing Muslim visitors and immigrants to register themselves while inside the country.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump


The policy, which is formally known as National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEER) applies to Muslim immigrants and visitors from countries where terrorism is known to be active such as in Iraq and Afghanistan. The system requires all Muslims with ages 16 onwards to get themselves registered in the government’s database and are obliged to inform the U.S. government of their present location while inside the country in a periodical basis. However, human and religious rights activists had argued that the policy is too harsh and unfair due to the fact that it makes the major population think that all Muslims, immigrants and visitors alike to be terrorists. That is the reason why the system is literally abandoned in 2011.


Going way back a year ago, everyone was surprised at President-elect Trump’s propaganda of temporarily banning Muslims, especially Syrian refugees from entering the country during the ISIS crisis in the Middle East. In addition to that, he also proposed a specialized identity card for Muslims living inside the country. Even though Trump suddenly stopped himself from pressing on the issue right after he was elected, it is somewhat evident that he still wanted to enforce his policies.


In addition to his ‘anti-Muslim’ policies, Mr. Kobach had also revealed that President-elect Trump’s plans on erecting a wall that will block illegal Mexicans from entering the country is now on progress. He said that as of now, the Homeland Security Department are now looking for ways to execute President-elect Trump’s plans of building the wall even without getting approvals from the U.S. Congress. Kobach also said that Trump’s team is also thinking of ways to nullify President Obama’s 2012 Executive Action in regards to granting work permits and temporary deportation relief to more than 700,000 undocumented and illegal immigrants. This is to support Trump’s claim that he will immediately deport two to three million illegal and undocumented immigrants upon taking office.