Donald Trump

Who will be the next US President? – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

I already published more than 2000 posts in my blog. However, i can say that this post had made a huge milestone for my blog as a whole. I had witnessed many people, mostly Americans replying, sharing, commenting and fighting each other in the comments section. Because of that, i realized that the question “Who will be the next US President?” is one of the most trending topics as of this time.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

I think that if i decide to go to the US and live there, that makes me an Immigrant. And since Hillary Clinton is a pro-immigrant, it is only natural that my support is with her. But after seeing the comments section, i realized that Donald Trump also have lots of supporters, though i’m not entirely sure if all of these Clinton and Trump ‘supporters’ actually count as sure votes in the upcoming election.

So in order to settle all unnecessary dispute, let’s just wait for the 2016 US Presidential Election Results.