The Concept of Assimilation, assimilation psychology


Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist stated that there are two primary methods wherein a human can adjust into their new set of experiences and newly found knowledge: Assimilation and accommodation.  Assimilation is one of the two and by far is the easier approach, since it requires simple adjustment method.


The Concept of Assimilation
The Concept of Assimilation


What is assimilation, by the way? The term ‘assimilation’ is defined as the act of absorbing information and experiences. Piaget’s concept of assimilation depicts it as a human adaptation by means of integrating (and sometimes, reinterpretation of) acquired information through experiences and information which is already in existence in our mind. By nature, assimilation is partially personal since it helps us to transform new experiences and ideas to fit into our previous values and idea.


How is this portrayed?  For example, you are a fresher in college.  You’ve known high school life as fun, enjoyable part of your school life.  College introduced you into a much serious nature of schooling.  Both are still educational environment, but in the new one you’ve learned to pursue more of the academics, learned how to compete and be more productive.  Interpreting your current situation using assimilation, you will conclude that both phases offer fun and promote progress, but the latter gives off different approach.  You may find that you did not change opinion about educational process, only added some information depicting your experiences.


The Concept of Assimilation
The Concept of Assimilation


Additional scenarios may be like: learning more about computers from basic stage into an advanced one; knowing more about your best friend’s habits and mannerisms; learning the characteristics of vampires through the different approaches of various authors; and knowing the different breeds of dogs.



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