How Air Pollution Affect Households and Residents

How Air Pollution Affect Households and Residents

The visual imparted by mere mention of “air pollution” automatically directs us to pictures of large exhausts emitting gases from factories as well as from the exhausts of vehicles.  We think of smoke, smog and carbon monoxide.  However, we don’t easily think of molds or radon which is diminutive or invisible respectively. Moreover, these silent pollutants are often found within the premises of houses and can quietly affect their residents.


How Air Pollution Affect Households and Residents
How Air Pollution Affect Households and Residents


Sources of Pollution

We can find these air pollutants almost everywhere: chemicals, household cleansers, weakening building materials, burnt materials (such as wood, plastic and rubber), cigars, pesticides and fertilizers.  There are also some mold species that give off spores that can cause illness and allergies.  Radon, a radioactive element, is a free gas that comes freely from anywhere.


Ill Health Effects

Air pollutants cause harm to our health and this can be pretty serious sometimes.  Usually, these pollutants affect our eyes, heart and respiratory system.  Over exposure to these harmful elements may cause asthma, heart and respiratory diseases and cancer.


Most Hazardous Pollutants

When the element uranium under the ground deteriorates, the element called ‘radon’ is produced.  We must keep in mind that these elements are found in many parts of the globe.  When a non-smoker is declared to have lung cancer, radon is easily associated with the disease.


You might wonder why asbestos bas banned as part of the building construction from 1973 to1977 in the US.  This because they found out that exposure to asbestos can result to scarring of the lungs and other types of lung cancer.



Some homes have enough luxury of installing air conditioners for the auto-comfort these equipments can give.  However, you must also consider that the free flow of air from the outside to the inside and vice-versa of your house can benefit your health greatly.