How to Recycle Paper for Your Company


Business offices, along with other business establishments must find ways to be responsible in practicing environmental awareness.  Developing methods in paper recycling helps a lot in saving trees and the ecology where life is a harmony in balance.  However, one must also note that recycled papers tend to be more brittle than the quality paper sheets.  Hence, organizing the usage of paper materials is also a key for successful recycling.

How to Recycle Paper for Your Company
How to Recycle Paper for Your Company



Obtaining Recycled Paper

If you’re an officer in charge of purchasing office stationery (or supplies), know the differences in quality and material used for papers. Know that papers that some recycled papers (though they are reused) must be processed in a responsible way.  They should not contain materials that could have harmed our environment.  Some bleached papers are blanched using chlorine whereby the process done is harmful to the environment.  PCF marked recycled paper materials are always chlorine free.


Utilizing Recycled Paper

You can use recycled paper for short term records or documents since they have a total life span of mere 10 years.  Notes, scratch pads, regular user manuals, and copies for original documents meant for short term use should be done using recycled sheets. Meanwhile, paper cups and plates should also have their own room (or bin) to be able to recycle them, too. Cartons and boxes must also be segregated and be used further.

How to Recycle Paper for Your Company
How to Recycle Paper for Your Company


Economizing Usage of Paper

Offices must not only patronize using recycled paper but must also know how to economize its usage.  They should know how to print back-to-back (or double-sided). Typists or encoders can also use single-spaced texts in every possible way. Remember that blank paper sides can also be used as scratch pads.



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