Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping – Rules to Observe

Oftentimes, adventurous individuals with a flair for stunts debut in bungee jumping. It’s a matter of daring oneself to freely fall off a high platform specially designed for this activity.  Of course, there are strict security measures for this stunt for this is labeled as an extreme sport.

Bungee Jumping
Bungee Jumping



Yes, you’ve decided to go bungee jumping, so are you just going to jump? You need a proper guide or adviser for this matter.  It can be a professional individual or someone close to you who is already an expert to such feats.




There are places where you can do bungee jumping. For amateurs, it is recommended that they do their first time in a place specially designated for the jumping activity.  It is a great hazard when one just impulsively chooses a higher plane to do their bungee jumping from there. Remember that necessary protective measures must be observed for this extreme sport.  On the other hand, more experienced jumpers must also calculate risks and safety if ever they decide to do bungee jumping in their target location.  Professional crew must be hired or invited to see to it that the jumper is safe.


Length of the Cord

There is science and preciseness in this sport and it includes the measurement for the chord one will use in bungee jumping.  Professionals would calculate or estimate the weight of the jumper against the height where he chooses to jump off.  From there, they would know the length of cord they are going to use.



Again, another rule before you perform bungee jumping is to know where you would position yourself before you jump. Experts will guide you through this and would see to it that you position yourself at the outmost edge of the surface. You wouldn’t want to meet an obstacle halfway your fall wouldn’t you?



The Jump and the Touchdown

To make your jump a success, jump with your might and release tension by relaxing.  You will soon find yourself bouncing several times after the jump.  Just relax through the whole process for this will enable your body to move without restraint until someone finally unties you.

Bungee Jumping
Bungee Jumping