How to do a back tuck

How to do a back tuck, Standing Back Tuck

If you want to become a cheerleader then few things are necessary for you to know.  Only then can you become one.  There are few things that the cheerleaders do and it is very common.  One among those things are doing different tucks.  These are very simple to do and one can do it very easily as well.  If you want to learn how to do a back tuck then follow these simple steps and you will be able to master it within no time.


How to do a back tuck
How to do a back tuck


First thing that you need to do is the back bends which should be accompanied with leg and ankle stretches.  When you are ready do a couple of back handsprings.  These exercises will help stretch you and prepare your muscle for the standing back tuck.


Once you do it physically then always keep practicing it doing in your mind.  This will also help you a lot and later you can do it physically very well.


It is best to get a trainer, coach or experienced gymnast who can help you with your back tuck.  He or she can give you a good posture and will be able to give you advice on many things and correct you if you are going wrong somewhere.  They can also advice you in being safe or careful from getting any injury.


It is better to practice on a mat.  Because accidental falls sometimes can be devastating and at times you can lose your confidence in the process.


Do some simple stretching like lift your hand in a manner that it is pulled upward, this will help your body to straighten out completely.


When you land always land with your knees bent.


Immediately stand up straight after you land.


Practice the whole thing again and again for you to become perfect.


Do the following things and you will be able to do the back tuck extremely well without any issues or problems.  In sometime you will master this art.  You can get into any cheerleading squad if you know these tricks because they need people with such experience.