How to Improve Your Basketball Skills

How to Improve Your Basketball Skills – 5 Steps

In almost every country in this world, we all know that basketball is being played as a sport. Aside from western countries, basketball is also becoming very popular in some Asian and European countries. Usually, those who are not football fans tend to become basketball fans instead. Just like the hype that people feel whenever they watch a soccer player kick some goals, the same hype is also felt by basketball fans whenever their favorite basketball player had managed to score some hoops.

How to Improve Your Basketball Skills
How to Improve Your Basketball Skills


Let’s say that you’re a basketball player. Just like other athletes, it’s only natural for you to strive and dream of becoming the best player. You’re not just playing basketball just in order to lose your weight, mind you. However, if you want to excel in this sport, you must have the passion and desire to undergo serious training. Without these, you will never, ever excel, whether you’re playing basketball or any other sport.


Cutting out the explanations short, if you’re the type of basketball player who wants to improve his game, listed below are the things that you must remember and always do while you’re training:


  1. When doing Basic Dribbling Exercises – As we all know, dribbling is a very basic technique that you must do whenever you play basketball. In order to do this, your knees must always be shoulder-width apart without being locked in place. This is very necessary since you need to move around in much quicker pace. Also remember that whenever you dribble, the ball should bounce no higher than your mid-thigh, especially if you’re in a defensive position. Always make a feel for the ball when dribbling in an alternate manner with your eyes taking a good look at your opponent.


  1. When doing Advance Dribbling Exercises – Develop your power dribbling skills by practicing dribbling in different surfaces such as dirt and rocky roads. This will help you gain wrist power and control. Carefully practice your crossovers, though. If in case you didn’t know, crossovers are more commonly known as ‘ankle breakers’ because of that particular matter.


  1. When doing the Shooting Exercises – Aside from doing the BEEF+C (Balance, Eyes, Elbow, Follow, Combination) Principle, practice your shooting skills in different ways and in various distances. Different ways of shooting could either be right or left-handed or doing it the usual way. When practicing shooting in various distances, you can try shooting ‘around the world’, meaning you must shoot in every particular shooting place, whether you’re in the three-point-line, under the basket or in-between. Always try to calculate and visualize whenever you shoot.


  1. Defense and Teamwork – Always remember that basketball will always be a team sport. So whenever you practice, always try to practice with your team. Not only will you have the much-needed teamwork; you will also practice your defense capabilities.


  1. Mental and Physical Stamina – What’s the purpose of having great skills if you don’t have these two? Your dribbling, shooting and defensive skills are nothing if your body can’t handle the strain. In addition to that, if you don’t have the mental stamina, you’ll definitely get stressed easily. And if you had already watched lots of basketball games, we all know that those who can’t handle emotional stress usually get themselves into trouble, therefore resulting in foul-outs or more serious playing penalties.