swim in swimming pool

How to swim in swimming pool

A lot of us may feel panicky during an event with water merely because we don’t know how to swim… or rather we feel we’re not made for swimming.  However, there’s good news for all of us.  We may not qualify as the next Olympics Gold Medalist for swimming, but all of us CAN learn swimming.  What do we do? Here are a few tricks to adorn your sleeves.


swim in swimming pool
swim in swimming pool


Feel the element itself    

Oftentimes, we don’t have rational or personal contact with our fears. It’s the same with our fear regarding water or swimming.  Bad news is: your fear will literally drag you down those watery depths itself.  One of the surest way (but may not be the easiest) is to train yourself first in getting comfortable with the water element.  Soak, wad, walk and just enjoy water in the swimming pool with a friend or family.  Choose the depth level where you can just relax.


Practice breathing.

Many swimmers master the element of breathing. Start with this. Hold your breath for a few seconds while submerged in water. Increase time as you practice. Eventually, you’ll realize that breathing can affect your floating and submerging.  Learn more controlling your breathing.


Practice your legs.

When you’re more comfortable, kick those legs into motion while maintaining vertical or horizontal positions. Still consider help from a friend.


Learn few basic arm strokes.

Advance to learning arm strokes. Train your arms with front and back strokes.  You can do this with or without help, depending upon you.


More practice please!

Swimming doesn’t end with a few kicks and crawls. You need to practice and feel water more.  Soon, you’ll be surprised to know that you yearn to move out of the pool and into a bigger body of water.

swim in swimming pool
swim in swimming pool