Master Controlling the Cue Ball

How to Master Controlling the Cue Ball

Billiard players know that for the basics, they are not permitted to jab the target balls by using their cue stick alone. The proper (and the only) way is to jab the cue ball (the white one) toward the target ball’s direction. In order to make things short, your shots won’t count or count as a fault unless you’re doing the targeting with the cue ball. Needless to say, you must do the shooting along with the help of that white cue ball. That’s the reason why cue ball control is very necessary.

Master Controlling the Cue Ball
Master Controlling the Cue Ball


The truth is, even though mastering the cue ball control is somewhat easy, only a few players pay attention to it. However, this could lead to much better results if it is practiced very well.


In order to have better control of your cue ball, you must do these simple steps:

  1. Always get your shooting stance and arm exactly the same for every shot. Doing this one ensures you that you will have a better pocketing success rate compared than before.


  1. Kindly measure your body length and cue stick towards the shot. If the cue ball can be reached easily, doing this one will save you lots of energy during and after the game.


  1. Avoid messing up your shooting stance because of bending. Most players tend to bend just because they didn’t measure the cue ball and the target ball’s distance from the billiard table’s pocket. Because of this, they really sacrificed their one precious shot.