Pool Tournaments

Pool Tournaments: Almost Everything is a Mistake

Have you ever tried watching out a pool tournament or a billiard match personally or via television? Billiard players are an amazing lot, to tell you the truth. By combining luck and science in every match, one of them will emerge right as a victor, while some will have to do better next time. However, the fact remains that only a few people manage to finish watching a pool tournament. Unless you’re a Pool or Billiard fanatic, people usually find it boring when they are watching Pool Tournament matches.

Pool Tournaments
Pool Tournaments


Maybe some of you are wondering why I said that. Just as I mentioned earlier, the players are great. The only problem here is the fact that the rule of the Pool Tournament itself makes the entire game boring.


 Here are the reasons or mistakes that make Pool Tournaments boring:

  1. The game takes a long time to finish. Pool Tournaments, especially the 8-ball one, can be played all day or all night. However, the game just sounds great if you’re fond of sitting and watching for a long time while you are waiting for your turn to play.


  1. It is usually played in a double elimination system or format. When it comes to 8 and 9-ball division, National and World Pool Tournaments are played in double elimination system. This means that the player needs to have two losses in order to get kicked out of the game. If it isn’t that obvious, that takes a very long time.


  1. Round Robin Matching System is implemented. Round Robin Match means that a certain player needs to face all of his or her opponents in order to fulfill the matchup requirements. For example, if the total number of participants is twenty, a player must face his or her nineteen opponents in a Pool Tournament.


And if this is combined with double elimination, which means you have to undergo at least thirty-eight matches before you get yourself in the finals. So needless to say, this will somehow take weeks, if not months to finish.