Rack Pool or Billiard Balls

How to Properly Rack Pool or Billiard Balls

If you think that racking billiard balls the proper way is not necessary, you’re definitely wrong. By concept, a battle can be affected by different factors such as the strength and weakness of the opposing teams. However, the battlefield itself and the battle preparations also affect the overall results of the entire battle itself. In order to make things clear, not only having the best strategy, body strength and the cue stick is needed; you must also take notice of the billiard table and the ball arrangement itself.

Rack Pool or Billiard Balls
Rack Pool or Billiard Balls


Most of you think that during an official tournament, there are those people who are designated to arrange the ball racking. I’m not telling you to do this during that kind of game. However, this guide is for you if you’re having a billiard practice or unofficial tournament or any other event wherein the players are permitted to rack billiard or pool balls. Unknown to most people, knowing how to rack balls can affect the game.


  1. Start positioning the rack in the table marker if available. Most billiard tables don’t have this feature unlike the official ones. However, if the table marker is available (this is the line or dot where the cue ball is positioned), position the ball rack there.


  1. Line the balls as compact as possible by tapping it gently. Put the allowed number of balls (depends on the tournament, though) and put it as close to each other as possible. This is achieved by softly nudging the rack and tapping the balls softly in place.


Remember though, that gentle tapping is required in order not to make dents in the pool table. Dents rather affect the player’s accuracy due to the fact that balls’ motion is affected.