Shoot Pool Accurately and in the Proper Way

How to Shoot Pool Accurately and in the Proper Way

A billiard player knows that every shot he or she makes affect his or her target ball’s movement. In stroking or shooting a pool cue, a common mistake that is usually done by players is by jabbing the cue ball then retracting their arm, therefore pulling the cue stick back towards themselves. Unknown to most of them, not only this strategy looks tragically awkward; it also affects the cue ball’s collision strength, power and movement. In addition to that, the cue stick is also yanked off the player’s target course.

Shoot Pool Accurately and in the Proper Way
Shoot Pool Accurately and in the Proper Way


In order not to commit the same mistake, you must do these simple steps in order to prevent jabbing stroke problems in the near future:


  1. Always do a Classic but Effective Stroke. This is done by positioning yourself in a place where you can reach the cue ball with your cue stick easily while having a room for yourself in preparation for a forceful forward movement.


  1. Do a following Accelerated Draw Stroke. This is achieved by doing a gentle, short-distance jabbing stroke. This means that you must rely on your cue stick control over your own strength in order to cover the ball distance correctly.


  1. Do a finger-controlled follow-through. Most players control their cue stick length by adjusting their so-called ‘hand holes’. By making a big or small letter O using their thumb and index finger, they can control the cue stick’s length. The technique works out like stopping the entire stick from going through the hole by adjusting the letter O’s size.


  1. Plan your shooting speeds VERY carefully. It’s necessary that you have a strategy, meaning that you must do the right shooting speed at exactly the right moment. Good timing is a must, after all.