How to Stroke a Cue Stick like a Billiard Expert


In order to become an expert billiard player, it is necessary that you know how to stroke or manipulate your cue stick well. It is a wrong assumption to think that playing pool or billiard is all about pocketing balls. What makes the entire game unique is the strategy that every billiard player uses in order to pocket those balls. However, it is often said that strategy means nothing if the body can execute the move perfectly. So in order to be more precise, you must also have the means to execute your strategy, which requires you to master your cue stick strokes.

Cue Stick like a Billiard Expert
Cue Stick like a Billiard Expert


There are many ways when it comes to gripping your cue stick. However, the only thing that experts do is the soft grip and stroke combination.


Doing a Soft Grip and Stroke

Doing this combination is what makes the experts different from the new ones. Due to the fact that the soft grip gives the player complete control over his or her cue stick, this is also the best and often the easiest thing to do. Gentle strokes, on the other hand, gives the player complete control over his or her body movements and the balls’ direction.


In addition to these reasons, doing a soft grip and stroke combination allows the player to examine his or her mistakes in a closer view. If you tend to shoot the balls too fast, you won’t exactly identify your mistake if ever things don’t go the way it should be. But if you use the soft one, you can also improve your aim, the balls’ movement and its direction.




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