Suitable Bike for Yourself

How to Choose a Suitable Bike for Yourself

Most of us just answer the question “How to Ride a Bike” since the majority thinks that when it comes to bicycles, the riding part is the only relevant issue. However, unknown to most of us, there are some important factors that needs consideration when it comes to bikes.


Suitable Bike for Yourself
Suitable Bike for Yourself



Choosing the Right Bike Size (For Yourself or Somebody)

Whether you’re buying a bike just for yourself, someone you know, or a kid etc, you need to choose the Right Bike Size. When it comes to adults, the right size of bikes depend on the person’s (the one who will use it) height, the inseam (that’s the seam or stitch length from your pants crotch down to your leg) length and the frame size of the bike itself. The right bike size for you, as experts say, is the size wherein you can still stand on tiptoe (whether you’re on right or left side) while sitting on the bike seat.


The case is different when it comes to kids, though. Their right bike size, however, is determined by their age, height and the outside tire diameter of the bike. And since most kids usually grow fast, this is quite difficult, indeed.


Choosing the Right Frame that Fits You

Now that you know your right bike size (that is, the bike frame), you must test whether that bike frame fits your physique. Though people are of the same height, most of them differ in body size, arm length, etc. You must carefully take note of that.


Choosing the Right Bike Type for your Place

There are three kinds of bikes, as of date: The Road Bike, The Mountain Bike and the Hybrid One. Every one of those has their own advantages and disadvantages.


When choosing your bike, you must also remember these things. Otherwise, you’ll risk yourself to more injuries, along with your failure to ride one.