Tyrolean Traverse

How to Cross a Tyrolean Traverse – 14 Steps

Hikers are familiar about Tyrolean traverse, a fixed line that was placed over swift water current and aid hikers to cross a daring terrain.  Now, even experienced hikers need a proper gear so they can safely cross the said traverse.  Unless you are capable of exerting brute strength and has a genuine spirit of a daredevil, crossing the Tyrolean traverse sans the gear is not recommended.


Tyrolean Traverse
Tyrolean Traverse


This article outlines the steps in how you can cross a Tyrolean traverse, provided that the line is safely attached in both sides of two crossing points.



  1. The traverse line is made up of thick metal wire that looks like a rope. You need the necessary equipments to protect you while you’re crossing and will aid you in remaining attached to the line just in case you accidentally let go of it.


  1. You need a harness which preferably should be the best you can acquire. However, if you don’t have the best kind, you can improvise by using slings, rope or webbing that should be safe and effective for you.  You must clip one end of the quickdraw through your belay loop, with the other end attached to the traverse line that should bear your weight.  You can aid this gear with a longer sling girth-hitched to your harness and a locking carabiner on the line.  These two should be attached on the line in order to hold your weight.


  1. Observe only a short distance (about 6 inches) between your harness and the gear that holds it to the line. If the distance is long, you are more likely to depend on your arms to keep you close to the line.


  1. Keep in mind to have a backup harness just in case that the primary gear attaching you to the traverse line fails.


  1. Now, in case you’re carrying a backpack, take it off your back and equip it to fasten your harness into the traverse line.


  1. Form a strategy in crossing the line with your head facing towards the end point. Remember that you should also put on a pair of gloves as you are going to cross the line using your hands.


  1. Next, step up close to the traverse line and use just a single hand to clip the quickdraw to the line with your arms to pull your body up towards the line.


  1. Hook both your feet on the line to keep your body hanging and extending from the traverse line. Note that your weight should be carried by your harness.


  1. Push off the anchor using your feet to send your body across the line, holding the rope with your hands and pulling yourself across the traverse using hand-over-hand method.


  1. Pull with your arms to gain momentum and keep your feet from dangling from the rope so you can cross the line faster.


  1. Use your core strength in order to pull your body towards your hands.


  1. When your reach the end point of your destination, you can safely place both of your feet and pull yourself towards the rope to release the tension.


  1. Unclip yourself and then your backpack from the line and make sure you are steady and safe.


  1. Once convinced that you are safe and steady, unclip the final gear that attaches you to the line.