WWE unified the two major matches at TLC

The coming Sunday, WWE will be unifying the World Heavyweight (John Cena) and the WWE Championships (Randy Orton) together to determine the Champion of the Champions.
The unifying of the company’s two important titles should have been seen as once in lifetime main event that too in such a manner that WWE lovers could have not afforded to miss watching it. How can the company expect the fans to watch it with great enthusiasm when neither of the champions has done nothing to legitimized their title reigns?
Orton was handed over the WWE Championship during his war with Daniel Bryan. During the series matches, he won the title only with help from another players or interference by anyone. In the Survivor Series, he wrestled against Big Show and was again helped by Triple H and that is how he won the title. Orton will never be taken seriously when it comes to legitimizing the titles. Even though he does not have much fan-following, Orton simply felt the need of proving to his fans that he was capable of holding the title.

www John Cena
www John Cena

Similarly, when John Cena had a great come back after the injury, he said that he wanted to develop credibility for the World Heavyweight Championship and that he wanted to make people believe it as equal as Orton’s championship. After taking Alberto Del Rio down, Cena won the title and thus, began his pursuit for legitimizing his title.

It is really no reason to watch the unified match between Cena and Orton so interestingly because they have feuded with each many times in the past. Although they are the biggies, people get bored seeing the same two wrestlers feud time and again.
WWE has said that it will be an epic match because no other wrestlers have been facing off so much as these two wrestlers. although WWE have tried to develop the fever of the match between the biggest two superstars of wrestling business, they could have gone beyond to make people pay for it to see it.
Unfortunately, WWE has just decided to simply throw a match in the setup of Tables, ladders, and chairs that too on pay-per-view basis which means that only the diehard fans will watch this unification match.