How To File an Extension

How to File an Extension for Tax Return – 3 Simple Steps

Filing an extension for tax return is an easy thing to do. An extension is filed in the Internal Revenue service if you want to extend your deadline of filing by another six months.  Let’s say that the deadline to file your 2015 return is on April 15, 2016.  The form 4868 (for extension) will extend the deadline until October 15, 2016.

How To File an Extension
How To File an Extension


Bear in mind, though, that even if you filed for an extension, the payment for tax is not extended.  It is still due by April 15, 2016 which is the actual deadline.  If you pay after the said date, you will be accountable to pay due penalties and interest.


Not to bother you with the horrendous penalties and interest fees, here’s how you’re going to do in filing an extension:




  1. Make a rough draft of your tax return so you an estimate everything. This includes the possibility that you may have a refund.


  1. You can download the form 4868 which is the said form for filing Automatic Extension of Time to File for U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. Duly fill in the details, tick on the necessary information about the money you owe and enter the amount.


  1. You can mail the extension form with your check using certified mail. Just make sure that the mail arrives by April 15th in the Internal Revenue. You can also request return receipt for proper documentation on your part.


If you prefer, you can also file the extension via online, but this should be done before midnight.  It just takes around 20 minutes to forward everything through this method and you also avoid the hassle of going to the post office.