How to be a Highly Successful Teacher

How to be a Highly Successful Teacher: Components and Habits to Consider

You’re venturing the craft of teaching and you want to be highly respected in the field you chose to tread on.  In core of a teaching vocation are four major elements a teacher must always consider regularly.  Namely, these four major elements comprises of: Students, Parents, Colleagues and Subject.  These elements, if wisely integrated and attended upon will bring success to the teaching vocation.  On the other hand, leaving out even one of the four will instantly reflect ineffectiveness and a determined failure in your teaching endeavor. Let’s have a run down to the four major elements and the habits a teacher must put into consideration for each.

How to be a Highly Successful Teacher
How to be a Highly Successful Teacher




The students are the first major focus of the four elements.  The rest of the elements are means of support for this primary element.  You, as a teacher must contemplate habits revolving around your students.


How to be a Highly Successful Teacher
How to be a Highly Successful Teacher


  • Build healthy relationship with your students. Bear in mind that you are the second parent of your students since the school is their second home. You must cultivate respect and trust among the students and the arrows should be pointing among themselves and to you.
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of your students and design a platform where their needs are met.
  • Observe a high classroom management.
  • Guide your children




The parents had laid the first foundations of your students. It is wise for you to have rapport with them.


  • Intercommunicate with the parents of your students. Let them know of their child’s achievements, areas of concern and to be developed and offer advice or suggestions. In return, you may learn important points and details from them, too.
  • Reach out to shy or reluctant parents and teach them the significance of parental participation for the holistic development of their children.





Your colleagues are your co-teachers, the administration and staff of the school.  Build and utilize your camaraderie with these people.


  • Other teachers can be a rich source of your study and research. Seasoned teachers are a gold mine when it comes to knowledge and experience. Collaborating with them will bring you to higher enlightenment in developing your students more.
  • Value your relationship with the staff and administration. Remember that contribute to the total welfare of the students.  They also design the atmosphere conducive for the students.




These are the facts and information you impart to your students.


  • An expert knows how to present his subject creatively and simply. The great Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
  • Be dynamic and engaging with your presentation. Life begets life, isn’t it?  Get ready to impart your vigor with your students.  Who would want a boring class anyway?
  • Be an exploration advocate. Seek and try new things most especially in modern innovation which can enhance your teaching style and knowledge imparted to your students.  Think how the technologies of today can progress their learning.