How Parents’ Midlife Divorce Affects Young Adults

How Parents’ Midlife Divorce Affects Young Adults

In countries such as the United States, we all know that divorce is as natural as getting married. Whatever their reason really is, most couples get divorced during the time that their kids reach teenage years. Most parents think that, unlike toddlers and children, young adults can easily understand their situation. The truth is, however, it is young adults who usually don’t understand the matter by themselves.


The most probable reasons that couples have whenever they want a divorce is either infidelity or financial incapability. Because of these, divorces actually become messier, therefore leaving the young adult in crossroads. To those parents who didn’t know, these events are the things that your young adult child would undergo once you try to pursue your own divorce.

How Parents’ Midlife Divorce Affects Young Adults

  1. Problems when it comes to making choices. Unlike children, young adults tend to have the power to choose who he or she wants to be with until he or she reaches legal age. Whenever his or her parents are having a divorce, he or she can choose between the two parents. When this happens, the young adult is usually being put into a situation that is actually hard for him or her to ignore. Issues such as parental loyalty and betrayal often become the result.


  1. Problems concerning a broken family. Whether the parents like it or not, a family relationship gets broken whenever they decide to have a divorce. Just like children, young adults tend to take this matter seriously, due to the fact that most of them are actually being bullied in their schools for a sin that they didn’t even commit. Life becomes more difficult especially if the young adult has to decide where he or she wants to stay for the entire summer or Christmas vacation.


  1. Sadness and Anger. Young Adults tend to feel both sad and angry if they see their parents have a divorce. For most of them, a divorce is a betrayal of some sort, a betrayal that most parents actually ignore. In addition to that, young adults also find it more difficult and frustrating to see their parents with their other partners. And in most cases, their relationship with their stepfather or stepmother doesn’t end very well.


  1. Being the worst probable effect, a young adult becomes more prone to rebellion especially if his or her parents got divorced. And as we all know, a rebel child usually commits acts that hurt us as a parent.