How to Find Job Prospects or Career Opportunities in Massage Therapy

Massage therapy opens up new exciting job opportunities and job prospects under health therapy.  As a massage therapist, you can earn an average of $40,350 to as much as $70,140 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  However starting off may mean that you earn for as low as $18,420 but then, that’s only your start-off.


Career Opportunities in Massage Therapy
Career Opportunities in Massage Therapy


Job or Career Environment

Massage therapists work in various environment settings which include: hospitals, health clinics and spas.  Freelance massage therapists can offer services for home-bound clients.


Training and Experience

To pursue a massage therapy job or career, one must have a certificate that can be acquired from an accredited training program.  Most of these programs require 500-750 hours of training in massage and hands-on experience.


Additionally, you can take Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination or any equivalent that will help you prepare for work as a professional.  You can also be a member of organizations such as American Massage Therapy Association that assist their members in finding and landing work.


Career Networking

To increase work opportunity, you may have to expand your networking with other qualified professionals like the: healthcare professionals, physicians, doctors, chiropractors, medical providers, neurologists and occupational therapists.


On the other hand, you can find work in private healthcare institutions.  Such institutions provide work for massage therapists that observe their exclusive practice.



Specialization is usually the significant factor attributing to success in massage therapy job or career.  Yes, you can work as a general massage therapist but having a specialization can bring your career into a higher level.  You definitely can expand horizons by granting access to unique clientele who are searching for exclusive type of services that you can offer.


If you have goals for specialization, learning about the different areas of specialization prior to engagement will make a lot of difference.  You must understand each area’s strength and weakness to determine which area you want to specialize.  Some specialists work in the area of pain management, others in orthopedic massage and some on sports massage.  You may also consider specializing in massage therapy services for health, wellness and beauty.