Yoga Therapist

Yoga Therapist : Job Profile, Salary and Other Career Options

If you love yoga and helping people improve their health and wellness using yoga teachings and practices, then you can consider the job as a yoga therapist.


Yoga is a scientific system that originated from India with set of principles that integrate self-transformation, realization and investigation.  Specifically, the ‘principles’ mentioned earlier is what they call, “Vedic Principles.”  They help individuals to realize their potential for awareness and self-identification in the world.

Yoga Therapist
Yoga Therapist



Job Overview

As a yoga therapist, you may work under the care of a healthcare professional.  Your goal is to assist clients to engage their energies in diminishing, eradicating and managing symptoms that causes discomfort, injury and illness in their bodies.  You may also have to work in places such as a private office, wellness center, gym, or rehabilitation facilities such as studio, private office or clinic.  You may also work in a client’s home or make visits to home-bound clients.



Education and Training

Competent yoga therapists must be well-trained in many areas of health therapy, healing and overall wellness.  They must be well-versed in areas such as basic physiology, anatomy and modern healthcare terminology.  Knowledge in the philosophy, perspectives, mind & practices of yoga also earns you a big plus in competency.




Yoga therapists can make from an average of $36,900 to as much as $66,530.  However, if you’re just starting out, you can earn around $20,000.  You can make more if you consider positions of being a consultant and/or a private instructor just like many other yoga therapists do.



Other Career Options

Yoga therapists can also become physical or occupational therapists, specializing yoga therapy.  You can also offer private business offering one-to-one sessions wherein you can collect consultation fee.