yoga affect your thyroid

How Does Yoga Affect in Healing Your Thyroid Condition

If you’re seeking out alternative form of healing for your thyroid condition, yoga may be the first answer you can come up with.  In other’s opinion, this may be the best of the alternative healing you can try.  Why?  Yoga is more than just an exercise routine for it brings the body, mind and spirit into balance.

yoga affect your thyroid
yoga affect your thyroid


When you are asked about yoga, you easily come up with picture of meditative exercise that performs different weird poses almost akin to a gymnast’s.  You can be right about it but if you are thinking (and getting scared) that you are going to do such, know that you are just scaring yourself.  Actually, you will be doing simple things of which you will be guided by your instructor.


There is a specific pose for patients with thyroid condition.  The pose is known as a shoulder stand (or sarvangasan) and can really help the thyroid gland. However, for beginners, yoga’s gentle stretching and breathing exercises can reap good results immediately.  These easy and simple exercises can reduce stress levels, joint stiffness, muscle flexibility and the overall energy levels in our body.    It greatly helps in inducing peace of mind and harmony between mind, body and spirit.


Meanwhile you can perform the following yoga positions with the help of your instructor if you are all ready for them:

  • Shoulder stand
  1. You should lie flat on your back and keep your legs together.
  2. Raise up your legs until they reach a right angle position from your shoulders or neck, and perpendicular to the floor.
  3. Tuck your chin into your chest and rest the weight of your body on your shoulders and elbows.
  4. Use your arms to support your hips and do this for about two minutes.


  • Sarvangasana (Advanced- no support)
  1. Lie on the floor and support your legs up against the wall.
  2. Bend your legs over a chair, sofa or seat to get the merit of inverted pose.