Airport Scams

Airport Scams: Examples and How to Protect Yourself

Nowadays, there’s no safe place on earth, whether you’re living in a much-developed or even a third-world country. Since corruption runs rampant, you must protect yourself and be aware of the place where you set your feet on. If you’re an air traveler, you must make sure that you don’t fall prey to any kind of airport scams.

Airport Scams: Examples and How to Protect Yourself

You can comfortably say that airport scams don’t exist since there are many security personnel out there. However, what we don’t know is the fact that airport syndicates actually work along with airport personnel and security in order to catch passengers unawares. So if you’re not that careful, one of these scams will definitely get you:


  1. Lost Luggage Scams – If you’re an air traveler, you must have known already that there are many reports of lost luggage in the airport. The lost luggage can be affected by various reasons such as error either in your part or in the security’s part. The scam works whenever you and your baggage walks past security checks and suddenly, one ‘accidentally’ bumps behind you and triggers the security alarm, therefore making distractions. As the commotion is on-going, one of the accomplices will then take your luggage unawares. However, if you don’t want to become a victim, make sure that you ask the security to hold your luggage until you can get it personally.


  1. Airport Pickpocketing – Actually more of a theft than a scam, airport pickpockets prey on unwary passengers who experienced jetlags. The victim gets bumped by the pickpocket while secretly taking whatever is inside his or her pocket in a very fast movement. Once done, the pickpocket simply walks away along with the victim’s valuables. Preventing this from happening to you involves awareness on your part and your surroundings despite the jetlag.


  1. Airport Taxi Scams – Being the most prevalent scam of all, airport taxis target foreigners as potential victims. The scam works either by taking the passenger to the longest possible route or just asking the foreigner to pay for a tripled or quadrupled amount of the usual taxi fare. If you don’t want this to happen to you, make sure that you exactly know the place and the shortest route that will take you there. Once done, ask the driver to take that route. If the taxi driver refuses to do what you say, better get off the taxi and find yourself another one.