Am I Qualified For Delayed Flight Compensation

Am I Qualified For Delayed Flight Compensation?

Most airline passengers know and accept the fact that delayed flights are inevitable, whether you’re traveling within or outside your country. Most passengers think that it’s quite enough for them to travel in their destination in a convenient and safe way regardless of the delay. However, if you’re a businessman or have a job that just can’t tolerate any kind of delay, that’s a different matter, especially if your job is at stake.


Am I Qualified For Delayed Flight Compensation
Am I Qualified For Delayed Flight Compensation


As a flight passenger, is it really possible to get yourself some compensation when it comes to delayed flights? The truth is, delayed flight compensations depend on the country you’re traveling to.


  1. When you’re in Europe – According to AirHelp, a travel advocacy service, airline travelers originating in a European Union country can avail delayed flight compensation if their flights have been cancelled or if they haven’t arrive in their destination within two hours. Under the European Union Law, a 200-euro compensation must be offered to those who travel between 932 and 2,175-mile distance while those who travel less than 932 miles or more than 2,175 miles may be able to receive more.


  1. When you’re in the U.S. – Airline travelers will be offered compensation if they are involuntary denied because of an overbooked flight situation in the airline. Those who are delayed for less than two hours during domestic flight or less than four hours during an international flight may receive a two-hundred percent one-way fare compensation. Those who are delayed longer will be entitled to a four-hundred percent one-way fare increase. However, you will not be qualified in this if you agree to receive a flight voucher from the company.


  1. When you’re in the other parts of the World – Just as we said earlier, delayed flight compensation depends on the country you’re in. However, if you’re not travelling in a European Union Country or in the U.S., consider availing flight insurance for yourself.