Beach Road Trips from Hyderabad

A bit of sun, spray, and sand can really help rejuvenate a person. This is a reason why a trip to the beach is never a bad idea. Hyderabad is a city that enjoys great connectivity with many coastal towns and cities. Here are some of the best seaside destinations which would make for a great road trip.

Baruva Beach

Baruva beach is pretty close to the Odisha border – in fact, there is a route via a town in the neighboring state. Some old temples and a lighthouse are all the attractions of this very idyllic shore which is also not frequented by too many tourists – perfect for those looking for seclusion.

Beaches of Vizag

Vizag boasts a dramatic backdrop of hills as it opens up to the sea on its Eastern side. One of India’s most important ports is also home to some very pretty beaches. The city is – km from Hyderabad.

One of the most popular beaches in Vizag is the Ramakrishna Beach, which locals refer to by the acronym. RK Beach is more ideal for snacking and people watching – or maybe a morning jog. It is the most convenient to reach.

The drive to Yarada Beach is worth it, scenic in its own right. The beach is not very crowded and the waters are considered good for a swim. Rushikonda Beach is also a short drive from Vizag and it enjoys the rather striking backdrop of a verdant hillock.

Bheemili Beach is a good addition to the Vizag list. Apart from the charming coastal scenery, one can also enjoy some history lessons here. Some of the attractions close to the beach include a lighthouse and an old Dutch graveyard, offering glimpses into a lost chapter of the region’s history.

Uppada Beach

Close to Kakinada, Uppada Beach is famous for its fair sands and fishing communities. Many come here to enjoy a game of beach cricket or volleyball amongst other activities. Trekking is also possible around the beach, preferably in the cooler months. Travelers can also try out some of the fresh catches of the day in the local eateries. The stretch of road from Kakinada to the beach is very scenic, a route accompanied by the shimmering currents of the Bay. Hyderabad to Uppada is a fascinating 500-km journey cutting across the Eastern Ghats, passing through the cultural center of Vijayawada.

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The enigmatic and unexplored shorelines of Southern India beckon. An unforgettable trip is on the cards for those who like to travel on their own terms, behind the wheel.