Countries that Experienced Selfie-Related Casualties Last 2015

Countries that Experienced Selfie-Related Casualties Last 2015

Who of us doesn’t know the word Selfie? Needless to say, these are the photos that we have taken personally either by hand or a selfie stick, if you want more background coverage. These selfies are then uploaded to our favorite social sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


We all know that selfies are usually harmless; I mean most of the time. However, it’s an entirely different matter if we take selfies near a steep valley or even wild animals. If we tend to take selfies that way, we will not only risk getting ourselves hurt; these feats could probably take our lives as well.

Countries that Experienced Selfie-Related Casualties Last 2015
Countries that Experienced Selfie-Related Casualties Last 2015


It’s a very interesting thing to know that some countries are now experiencing what we call ‘selfie casualties’, meaning needless casualties that primarily involves taking selfies near a potential safety risk. Listed below are the top countries that experienced selfies casualties last year:


  1. United States, Spain and Indonesia: Two Cases Each Country – These selfies-related casualties have occurred due to people’s pursuit of what they call extreme experience, which is both stupid and life-threatening in the person’s part. In Indonesia, two people have taken their selfies right on the edge of a cliff, directly falling right into their graves. In Spain, on the other hand, both cases involve taking selfies during Bull Running Festivals. Needless to say, the persons involved are gored and trampled to death by bull stampede. That’s the reason why selfies and selfies sticks are banned during those festivals. In the United States, however, a man was immediately rushed to the hospital right after taking a selfies with a rattlesnake, which eventually bit him.


  1. Russia: Six Total Cases – Aside from cases of people taking selfies on the top of buildings, bridges and mountain cliffs then falling right into their deaths, some selfies-related cases in Russia also involved taking selfies near an exploding grenade and a rubber bullet pistol. Persons in both cases have suffered serious injuries from the experience.


  1. India: Thirteen Total Cases – Of all countries in this world, India is definitely the first in rank when it comes to taking the selfie craze seriously. It is reported that some students have attempted to take selfies right in front of an approaching train, thereby getting themselves crushed to death. Another one that’s worth mentioning is taking selfie right on top of a brittle rock on top of Kolli Hills.