Don’t Do these Mistakes while Booking an Uber Ride

Don’t Do these Mistakes while Booking an Uber Ride

Availing Uber services is slowly becoming more of a trend these days. When compared to a usual cab ride, an Uber ride is more convenient since booking a ride is just one message or call away. What’s more convenient is the fact that Uber services are cashless, meaning that you don’t need to have some cold cash in your pocket just to pay for a ride.

Don’t Do these Mistakes while Booking an Uber Ride

Sometimes, Uber services can be somewhat a hassle, especially if you don’t know that it has different kinds of services. This could probably result in losing your hard-earned money inside your bank account or credit card.


Listed below are the mistakes that most Uber users commit whenever they try to avail its services:

  1. Customers are being charged for a cancellation fee. It is inevitable that you have to cancel your Uber ride sometimes due to unexpected reasons such as heavy traffic or bad weather conditions. If this is your case, you can easily cancel the service before Uber assigns a driver to your location. However, if you cancel it after Uber has assigned a driver; a cancellation fee will be charged from your account. Cancellation fees can be tolerated at least once or twice but, if doing this thing becomes your habit, it is way much better if you return to the traditional cab ride.


  1. Failure to understand Uber’s Surge Pricing. If you think that an Uber ride is cheaper than taxi at all times, think again. The truth is, Uber has a Surge Pricing feature as a way of giving bonuses to all its drivers. Surge Pricing is usually affected by the so-called ‘Law of Supply and Demand’, meaning that as the demand for Uber drivers increases, the riding costs will also increase. Needless to say, chances are that a cheap Uber ride could become more expensive when compared to a usual taxi ride, especially if weather conditions aren’t that good.


  1. Thinking that Uber exists everywhere. It’s somewhat convenient to think that you can have a ride anywhere at any time of the day, in addition to the fact that waiting for it will just take at least five to ten minutes. The latter part is somewhat true for Uber since its drivers usually arrive minutes after availing their services. However, don’t expect that you can use Uber to have a ride if you’re in the middle of a desert or inside a remote location.