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Dollar Tree: For Buying Air Travel Necessities for a Dollar or Less

If you’re living in the U.S. and a full-time air traveler, you must have already heard about the Dollar Tree. To those who didn’t know, the Dollar Tree is a bargain store that sells almost everything for a dollar or less. These could come in handy, especially if you’re on a budget. When we say everything, we mean it. As a matter of fact, everything is available in the Dollar Tree, from baby supplies up to kitchenware and electronic products.


Needless to say, if you’re an Air Traveler, going to Dollar Tree is definitely a basic necessity, especially if you’re looking for the products that are listed below:


  1. Socks and Sleep Masks – If you’re traveling in Asia, having extra socks and sleep masks are definitely necessary due to long flight hours. This means that you may need to take at least a nap while waiting for the plane to arrive at your destination.


  1. TSA or Airline Authority-approved bottles – We all know that due to the existence of liquid bombs and other potentially dangerous products, the Transport Security Administration in the U.S. had posed some limitations when it comes to bringing liquids such as hand sanitizers and lotions. This means that the legal amount of these liquids must not exceed the 3 oz. limit. Needless to say, you may then find the need to transfer your hand sanitizer in smaller bottles and leave the rest.


  1. Batteries – You can also buy some AA or AAA batteries in Dollar Tree, whenever you need them. However, if you’re planning to use this one as a replacement in your alarm clock since you have brought it along with you, think again.


  1. Manicure Sets ­– If in case that you forgot to bring your own manicure set, you can just buy one in the Dollar Tree.


  1. Water Bottle – Be informed that bringing water inside the airport is definitely a no-no. However, you can just buy a water bottle inside the Dollar Tree once you get past the security. After that, you can just ask the Flight Attendant to fill it for you once the airplane is flying towards its destination.


  1. Lip Balm – Your lips will probably become dry while you’re waiting inside the airplane. So before you ride one, make sure that you had bought a lip balm while you’re still in the Dollar Tree.


  1. Medical Items – Usually, you don’t need to buy for yourself this one since the airplane has it. However, medical items like some aspirin and ibuprofen could also come in handy.
Medical Items
Medical Items