Hotel Scams

Hotel Scams: How to Protect Yourself From Those

If you think that scams only operate inside the airport and taxi whenever you travel to different places, you’re definitely mistaken. The truth is, it’s somehow very traumatic to know that travel now becomes dangerous for first-time passengers, regardless of your location. Nowadays, even hotels have scams of their own that actually operates up to this day.

Hotel Scams: How to Protect Yourself From Those

Listed below are the scams inside hotels and how to protect yourself from those:

  1. Fake Hotel Food Delivery Scam – This scam works usually because of a direct involvement by hotel personnel. Just by printing out a legitimate-looking restaurant menu, the scammer will slide the menu under the hotel door, therefore tempting the occupant to have a room dining service. Once the order is done, the victim pays either by cash or using a credit card. In the end, the victim will wait for the foods from a restaurant that simply don’t exist. In the end, the scammer walks away either with cash on hand or with the victim’s credit card details.


  1. Fake Front Desk Scams – The scams works when a victim was asked by the scammer, claiming to be someone working at the hotel’s front desk for his or her credit card details via phone. If the victim is gullible enough, the scammer walks away along with the victim’s credit card details. If you don’t want this to happen, never give your credit card details while you’re on the phone. If any credit card details are needed, make sure that you personally go to the hotel’s front desk for any verification.


  1. Free Wi-Fi Connections Scam – Being one of the most common hotel scams nowadays, scammers promise a free Wi-Fi access to their victims in exchange of credit card details. Some victims do have the promised internet connection. However, they don’t know that their credit card details are actually being used by scammers for their dirty transactions online. Only then will the victim realize that the credit card company won’t allow them to have any kind of credit transactions anymore.


The truth is, when it comes to protecting yourself from hotel scams, you must keep yourself alert and vigilant at all times. The victims usually fall prey because the scammers are using their weaknesses against them, whether in the form of a product or even a service. In addition to that, beware of things that are being offered to you free of charge.