How to Avail an Airport Lounge Access the Easy Way

How to Avail an Airport Lounge Access the Easy Way

Most people think that air travel is usually meant to be hasty rather than being enjoyable. Due to the fact that most people are using the airports in getting to their travel destinations in the fastest way possible, it is somewhat both disappointing and infuriating if your flight is canceled or delayed due to some technical problems.


The truth is, instead of lining yourself up with disgruntled and disappointed flight passengers, you can just take a sit and relax in the airport lounge while waiting for your plane to arrive. Due to its ‘premium’ feel, most airline passengers think that using an Airport lounge is a privilege that is made for those who belong to the elite group of this society. What most passengers don’t know is that using this privilege is actually for everyone, regardless of their social standing. However, if you want to have and enjoy this kind of flight privilege, you must read and remember the instructions that are listed here.

How to Avail an Airport Lounge Access the Easy Way

  1. Consider buying yourself a day pass. If you’re not an elite traveler and yet you wanted to experience resting in the airport lounge, you must remember buying a day pass during the times when you need it the most. The truth is, most airline companies offer hefty discounts if you buy your day passes at the same time you had purchased your airline tickets.


  1. Consider joining an Independent lounge access program. If you’re constantly using airplanes as transportation on a frequent basis, you may consider joining lounge access programs. In countries like U.S, these are the kinds of programs that let you use the airport lounge as a privilege for an annual membership. Usually costing between $400-600 per annum, this kind of membership is very useful especially if you’re traveling via airplane for at least five to six times per year. Some airports even offer this membership without exacting additional fees per visit.


  1. Consider using Credit Card Perks. Nowadays, American Express or AmEx Platinum cardholders are allowed to choose between more than 900 airport lounges and use its facilities free of charge. Some credit card companies like the United Mileage Plus Club even offer their facilities to their cardholders free of charge, letting those people use their United Club and Star Alliance locations worldwide without additional charges. Moreover, other companies also offer various perks in addition to free use of their facilities.