How to Travel inside an Airport

How to Travel inside an Airport: Tips to Pass Through the Security

If you’re a first-time air traveler, you must know that airports are one of the most important means of traveling especially if you need to travel through countries in a faster way. However, due to the fact that it could also become a transport medium for contrabands such as illegal weapons and drugs, it’s somewhat understandable that the security must be tight at all times. If it isn’t that obvious, only a single mistake committed by airport personnel could cost lots of innocent lives, especially those of flight passengers. We all know that it’s somewhat wrong to think that there’s a terrorist along with the passengers. However, it’s the airport’s responsibility to make sure that everyone travels to their destination safely.

How to Travel inside an Airport: Tips to Pass Through the Security

Cutting long introductions short, these are the main things that you must remember and do whenever you travel inside an airport and want to pass through airport security without any hassles:

  1. Bringing in liquids does have limits. Being one of the most easily committed air travel mistakes, be informed that the legal amount of liquids that can pass through airport security is only 100mL per item. Needless to say, you are only allowed to bring 100mL rubbing alcohol, 100mL hand sanitizers, etc. inside the plane. In addition to that, all of these containers must fit into inside a 1-quart bag so make sure that you only bring at least two or three different items to prevent security hassles.


  1. Pack in a way that all of your items can be brought out easily. It’s time-consuming if you’re going to pack your luggage full and you need to take it out for a security check. Needless to say, only pack the necessary things for your travel.


  1. Take note of the things that you can carry by hand and those you can put inside your baggage. Be informed that a fishing rod without a hook and sports racquets can be hand-carried. Golf clubs, multi-tools and surf boards, on the other hand, are only allowed inside your baggage. Butterfly knives and inflammable materials, however, aren’t allowed whether inside the airport.


  1. Always take good care of your passport. Don’t forget to keep your passport with you at all times, especially if you’re inside a foreign ground.


  1. Make sure that you arrive at the airport at an earlier time. If you don’t want to get late, remember that you must arrive at least two hours before your boarding time. Arriving early actually depends on the country and the airport where you’re in. In some countries, passengers need to be at least three or four hours earlier before they get themselves sitting inside the plane.