When Does a Child Need an ID before Flying

Is an ID Required for my Child to Fly

 Nowadays, it’s only common for us to see some child passengers inside the plane. This is due to the fact that some of them are traveling with their parents or guardians for vacation or migrating to a whole new country because of his or parents’ work. Because of this thing, most people are now asking the question: When does a Child need an ID before he or she is permitted to fly?

When Does a Child Need an ID before Flying?

The truth is, in depends on the situation whether the airport authorities will require a child to have an ID or not. Listed below are the situations where your child or someone’s child needs an ID:


  1. The Time Where the Child Doesn’t Need an ID to Fly – There are only two known things that will exempt a child from the requirement of having IDs, that is, whether he or she flies to different places inside his or her country and if he or she is accompanied by an adult, parent or guardian. If this is the case, the airport authorities will just ask the child his or her name (in case that they could speak) and the accompanying adult must have a genuine birth certificate for clarification purposes. This is the reason why children are also permitted to fly as long as they’re on a family vacation.


  1. The Time Where the Child Needs an ID to Fly – If you’re planning to fly internationally along with your child, be informed that he or she also need a REAL ID and Passport before he or she is permitted by the authorities to leave the country. If you’re planning to fly without your spouse (in case you have one), you are also required to produce a written and signed Child Travel Consent Form, indicating that your spouse permits you to bring the child along with you. You will be required to show this document along with the child’s birth certificate and passport. The real reason behind is one is that the government is very careful in letting everyone with children outside the country because of potential child abduction issues.


Before planning to travel along with your child, you must make sure that you are aware of the child travel policies in order for you not to encounter potential hassles in the future. In addition to that, you must make sure that you always bring your child’s documents along with you.