Know Before You Go: Eiffel Tower – Intelligent Travel

If you are on a European Getaway, your Magical Tour will not be complete without a stop at the Eiffel Tower. Be among one of the millions of visitors who were awed by the amazing architecture.

The magnificent edifice was erected by Gustave Eiffel in 1889 to honor the centennial of the French Revolution and to show France’s industrial prowess to the world.
The Eiffel Tower has a colorful history. It was never supposed to be in Paris, it was designed to be a temporary edifice for the Exposition Universelle. After the exhibition, it should have been taken down along with the other buildings. It was supposed to be moved to Spain but the government rejected the idea.
The unique design and solid construction made it an architectural phenomenon that saved it from getting destroyed.
Before packing your bags there are things you need to know for a memorable experience.
Eiffel Tower
The first floor features shows, fun activities for children, ATMs, souvenir shops and the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant. On the next deck, you will find the popular Jules Verne restaurant and the rooftop terrace. The third floor will bring you to Gustave Eiffel’s exclusive apartments and a champagne bar. The first two levels are accessible to wheelchairs but the rest of the tower is not.
All levels offer a sweeping view of the City of Light. A night tour affords a luminous panorama of the beautiful landscape.
Travellers can sample the famous French cuisine or opt to see the well-designed engine room.
Book skip-the-line tickets
On any day, the crowds are quite large, especially in peak season. Long queues could mean a wait time of over 3 hours. Save on valuable touring time by booking a skip-the-line Eiffel ticket and go straight to the structure. A ticket for an Eiffel Tower summit access will bring you straight to the top with stop-overs at the lower levels on your way down.
Catch the Light Show
During night time indulge yourself to a light show that starts from sundown to 1:00 am. Experience more spectacular light shows during winter than summer months, nightfall arrives after 9:00 pm. Each display lasts for 5 minutes. If you crave for more stay up to 1:00 am, feast your eyes on the finale which lasts 10 minutes.
Watch it in all its glory on a Seine River cruise, a pleasant walk, on top of a bike, or a Segway tour.
Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience of the beautiful fireworks display with the Eiffel Tower serving as the backdrop. Keep those selfies clicking during annual celebrations on Bastille Day, July 14, and New Year’s Eve.
What is the significance of the Eiffel Tower?
The 1050-foot construction was the tallest structure on the planet until 1930. It was dwarfed by Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and The Shard in London.
The base supports of the Eiffel Tower were adapted to the 4 cardinal directions of the compass.
Today the edifice plays an important as a transmission site for television and radio broadcasts in France.