Las Vegas Travel Scams

Las Vegas Travel Scams: How to Protect Yourself From Those

If you’re looking for a place of enjoyment in America, Las Vegas is definitely one of the places where you must go. If you’re the type who wants real-time entertainment along with much alcohol, gambling and girls on the side, Las Vegas is definitely the perfect place for you. However, because of this reason, there are many kinds of scam that run very rampant in this place, scams that will easily siphon your hard-earned cash out of your wallet if you’re not very careful.

Las Vegas Travel Scams: How to Protect Yourself From Those

Listed below are the most common Las Vegas Scams and how to protect yourself from those:

  1. The Long-Route Taxi Ride – Even though this scam is also existent in other states, this scam is the most popular and the easiest thing to get yourself a victim, especially if you’re just new to the place. This scam works well with foreigners who are not familiar with the terrain, therefore letting the driver drive you on the longest possible route. When this happens, you’ll definitely get shocked once the taxi’s meter displays your fare. If you don’t want to become a victim, you must make sure that you know the shortest possible route and make your cab driver take that one.


  1. Credit and ATM Card Skimming – In case you already run out of cash, chances are that you’re going to withdraw funds from your bank account or just use your credit card to avail the services you need. The scam involves a skimming tool installed along with some ATM machines. When your card is inserted, the skimming device will then record your ATM or Credit Card details. Once done, the hacker can freely use your credit card to buy items online or avail any kind of services for as long as he likes.


  1. The Free Service or Prestige Scam – This scam usually works whenever you’re trying to look for a free VIP entertainment. A street promoter will suddenly approach you for this one, asking for a small tip for using his or her connections inside the club. However, this is only good when a night club operates at off-peak hours, thereby making your ticket become a useless piece of paper. You’ll then realize that your money is actually stolen in the form of tips.


The truth is, when it comes to Las Vegas, everything comes at a price. However, paying becomes enjoyable only if you don’t let yourself getting scammed by anyone while you are there.