Lies to Tell Strangers When You’re Traveling


 To those who don’t know, it is a well-known traveler’s fact that there are many scammers out there, especially if you’re a foreigner. Due to the fact that scammers usually target gullible foreigners, one way to protect yourself from them is to lie. As we all know, lying in nature is not good. However, if lying can save you from these so-called travel scammers, it’s definitely worth a try.

Lies to Tell Strangers When You’re Traveling
Lies to Tell Strangers When You’re Traveling


When you’re traveling, these are the lies that you, as a traveler, must say:

  1. “I have been in this place a couple/lot of times.” – Whenever someone asks you whether you’re new in town or any place where you are traveling right now, this is the thing that you should tell him or her, especially if that person’s character is somewhat shady. When it comes to traveling, this can somehow save you a significant amount of money due to the fact that foreigners are charged more when it comes to availing some products or services in a foreign place.


  1. “Sorry, I’m already taken.” – Needless to say, this particular lie can only be used by a woman. If some annoying man or woman approaches you whenever you’re in a bar or restaurant, this lie will definitely help you. Aside from saving yourself from annoyance, this can also save you from getting raped or sexually molested in any kind.


  1. “Sorry, I forgot my Hotel’s name.” – Whenever somebody tries to ask you about the place where you’re staying, just tell him or her that you forgot your hotel’s name. If you’re a woman, this can save you from getting raped especially when you’re alone. And if you’re a man, this lie will save you from getting extorted.



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