Most Terrific Zoos

USA’s 5 Most Terrific Zoos

Do you and your family feel like going out and exploring the wild without having to drive all the way to Amazon or South Africa?  You don’t even have to do that with the 5 most terrific zoos scattered all over the US.  These zoos have taken measures to create at least a near copy of the natural habitat for its animals.

Most Terrific Zoos
Most Terrific Zoos


  1. San Diego Zoo (San Diego, California)

The San Diego Zoon pioneered the open-air concept for its wild residents.  The animals also live side-by-side with native vegetation and a fully-operational Safari Park that ranks no. 4 in U.S. ratings.


  1. Henry Doorly Zoo (Omaha, Nebraska)

This zoo ranks not only no. 1 in the US but also all over the world.  With its program encompassing a lot of activities, workshops and backstage tours, reviewers as well as trippers can really enjoy their experience.


  1. Zoological Wildlife Foundation (Miami, Florida)

This a home to many exotic animals (like baby tigers, monkeys and lemurs) with whom guests can pet and encounter.


  1. Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

The zoo has been opened in mid 1960’s and since then, the 40-acre zoo has been home to more than 1,000 animals.  These residents have come from the various parts of the world including Indonesia, Africa and Australia.  If you would like to take a glimpse of the otters and penguins, you won’t be disappointed with Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.



  1. Zoo Miami (Miami, Florida)

Another of the tropical Florida, Zoo Miami is the oldest and largest zoo in the state.  It is also dubbed as the only zoo in the United States of America.  As it is, there are four major exhibit sections within this zoo:  Australia, Asia, Africa and Amazon & Beyond.  You can enjoy the monorail with air-conditioned confines that can provide you with the aerial view of the zoo.