Must-Know Words Before Going To Disneyland


Most of us think that going to Disneyland is definitely a childhood dream and it still is until this very day. But unknown to most of us, adults actually enjoy the trip more than their kids. This is somewhat explainable, especially if you’re one of those who are born in an era where every Disney character dominates every television screen.

Let’s just say that, after years of waiting, you now have the money to get yourself (and your child, if you have) inside Disneyland. However, just like other trips, preparations must be made before going to Disneyland. In this case, you must know the so-called ‘Disneyland Lingo’. It isn’t a new language but words which are frequently encountered by visitors and tourists alike.

Must-Know Words Before Going To Disneyland

Listed below are some of these words that you must pay attention to:

  1. Guests and Cast Members – If you think that Disneyland is just an ordinary amusement park, you’re definitely wrong. The truth is, it’s more comparable to a big movie set, where the attending staff is called a cast member and visitors like you are called special guests. It will sure feel awkward at first; however, just enjoy it.


  1. Park Hopper Ticket – Being the most confusing term inside Disneyland, a park hopper is actually a ticketing system that enables you to get inside Disneyland and Disney California Adventure at the same day. Instead of buying two separate tickets, availing a Park Hopper Ticket will save you from the hassle of buying two different tickets. However, be informed that a Park Hopper ticket is more expensive.


  1. Child Swap, Baby/Rider Switch and Stroller Pass – If your kid isn’t allowed or does not want a certain ride, telling a cast member that you want a ‘swap off’ will permit him or her to wait along with your child while you’re enjoying your ride.


  1. Fuzzy Characters – These are the Disney characters that have their whole faces covered. A good example of a fuzzy character is none other than Mickey Mouse himself. Those who are with him are Minnie, Goofy and lots more.


  1. Face Characters – These are the Disney characters that don’t wear a mascot. Instead, they are cast members who are playing the role of a famous Disney character. Examples include Aladdin, Cinderella, Mary Poppins and lots more. When compared to fuzzy characters, children mostly approach face characters without getting themselves intimidated.
Disneyland japan
Disneyland japan



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