How Can you Ride a Private Jet just by Paying $109

How Can you Ride a Private Jet just by Paying $109?

We all know that riding a private jet when traveling to different places is a very good experience. Not only will you get to ride a 30-seater plane; you also get cream-of-the-crop airline services. And since having such an experience also mean a lot of money, only company CEOs were able to experience that. However, if you’re living or near around Bay Area and Greater Los Angeles, you can now experience San Francisco and Las Vegas flights starting a $109 price, starting on April 19 in California and April 22 in Las Vegas.

How Can you Ride a Private Jet just by Paying $109
How Can you Ride a Private Jet just by Paying $109


How can riding a private jet can be that cheap? JetSuite, a private jet operator, has just launched their latest public charter air carrier, the JetSuiteX. The said public charter will start with three round-trip Concord-Burbank flights daily by means of a 30-seater Embraer 135 regional jet. On Friday nights, the air carrier service will also fly to Las Vegas and will return to Concord in Sunday Afternoons. JetSuiteX will also add at least four round trips between Bozeman, Montana and San Jose Mineta International Airport per week.


As for the flight management, it is known that the management team working behind JetSuiteX includes CEO Alex Wilcox, the airline’s third employee and one of JetBlue’s founding management. According to him, due to the fact that security lines became longer and flights became fuller, the overall air travel time has increased significantly. Because of this, the situation has done a negative impact when it comes to air traveler numbers. This is the reason why they had decided to offer a new and different flight option, he said. Furthermore, he also said that they have chosen Concord because it’s a great airport community where lots of business near Walnut Creek lived. Needless to say, this is a whole new flight experience due to the fact that customers will experience riding a private style jet with a commercial jet’s price.


Comparing to domestic airlines’ business class service, the JetSuiteX is going to offer riding a private jet with 30 luxurious seats, 36 at the maximum. The seats are going to be three per row, meaning a single and a double seat, along with an additional space with a side table for work and play purposes. In addition to that, free onboard in-flight entertainment and free Wi-Fi services will be offered to passengers along with comfort and faster services that only private jet terminals can offer.