Thailand Go to Place for a Vacation

Thailand: Go to Place for a Vacation

Thailand Go to Place for a Vacation
Thailand Go to Place for a Vacation

Are you planning a vacation? Place Thailand on top of your bucket list of places to visit. A country where the fusion of ancient tradition and modernity meets.

Walk down memory lane by visiting splendid Buddhist temples and historic palaces. Frolic in white sandy beaches dive in the crystal blue waters teeming with marine life.  Lush jungles and exotic wildlife await nature lovers.  Have a taste of Thai nightlife, party people crowd the bars and clubs. And for your hungry tummy savor delectable street cuisine at its finest.

Your body gets tired and weary with all the activities, take time to sample the authenticNuat Thai, Thai foot and body massage.  Relieve yourself from your body’s aches and pains to get you on your feet for more excitement.

You will never run out of things to do. There are more reasons for you to sway your decision to the Land of Smiles, Thailand, here are some of these…


Airfare doesn’t have to be pricey

In any vacation abroad the airfare is one expense that eats up the budget. A round-trip ticket to Thailand will cost you about $950 the same amount you’ll spend in any Caribbean or Southeast Asia trip. However, if you’re willing to walk the extra mile, there are ways of spending less you just have to know how. It’s your choice!


Select two connecting flights will save your money in the bank.

People assume that the rates on the web are cheap, a good travel agency will give you a rate that your laptop cannot.

The tour during the unpopular travel period, dead zones. Travel agencies offer remarkable price cuts and holiday packages during the lean period.

Fly from Monday to Thursday, Airlines charge extra on weekends.

You will get cheap rates if you wake before daybreak. Passengers who arrive and depart at their convenience get nasty rates.


Accommodation poses no problem

Fret not, the Land of Smiles is dotted with lots of places to stay and cheap too.


Guesthouse Countryside 200 per night $6.02 per night
City 300 per night $9.03 per night
Big City 400 per night $12.04 per night
Guesthouse/Bungalow with air-conditioner Island 600 per night $18.04 per night
Island, Big Resorts 1,700 per night $51.17 per night
Room Island, Hotel 1,350 per night $40.64 per night
Dorm room Anywhere 150 per night $4.52 per night
Shared room City, Airbnb 350 per night $10.54 per night
Full apartment City, Airbnb 750 per night $22.58 per night

*1 Thai Baht equals $0.03


Use public transportation

Travel like a local use public transportation and enjoy your stay. You’ll have an up-close interaction with the locals; a feel of their means of transportation and enjoy the sites even more. For a group travel, it’s better to hire coach buses than to pay individually to get around the country.


Metrotrain (Day) 50 $1.51
Metrotrain (Night) 575 $14.30
Metered taxi 100 $3.01
Tuk-tuk (a rickshaw w/ a small engine) 235 $7.07
Motorbike taxi 35 $1.05
Boat 475 $14.30

*1 Thai Baht equals $0.03


Food Galore

Food junkies will have a heyday with the markdown prices. Feast on “Delicioso” street food at THB 50 ($1.51) per meal compared to pizza burger, pasta, fries that will cost you THB 340 ($10.23). Fancy restaurants will be more expensive. With the cheap food, why bother grocery shopping and stress yourself with cooking.


Did this interest you? So pack your bags and see you on this side of the globe.


Thailand Go to Place for a Vacation
Thailand Go to Place for a Vacation
Thailand Go to Place for a Vacation
Thailand Go to Place for a Vacation
Thailand Go to Place for a Vacation
Thailand Go to Place for a Vacation