Travel Scam Signs

Possible Travel Scam Signs

It’s a very sad thing to know that travelers are the frequent victims of a scam due to the fact that most of these are very promising and good to hear. Who of you doesn’t want to travel to Paris for free? Or join a European Cruise for a very low price, perhaps? Because of that, people are getting tricked one way or another before they even realize it.

Travel Scam Signs
Travel Scam Signs


Since many victims have already fallen prey to these scams, better take a look to the examples that are listed below:


  1. The Product’s Limited Time Offer Travel Scam– We all know that Airfare discounts and other special travel offers are usually offered in this strategy, which is very legal. However, if somebody offers you a free five-star hotel accommodation along with that via phone, think again. If such offers are being made, the Airline Company offering that service will have it announced publicly.


  1. Telephone Transactions – Aside from the fact that business establishments aside from telephone and internet companies usually don’t offer discounts via telephone, most of them are usually very busy to give their customers a call unless it’s very important. If this happens to you, just ignore it.


  1. A very ridiculous price offer – It’s only natural for businesses to gain profit in every service they offer their customers, especially in times of promotions. So if a certain airline company offers you a free round trip to Paris for free, there’s no doubt that it’s just a travel scam.