Four U.S Airlines and their Inconvenience to Watch out For


Air Travel is quite popular for the past few years. Because of this reason, most people naturally expect inconveniences such as delays, luggage mishandling and the like. These inconveniences can be quite tolerable sometimes. However, if it’s done frequently, you must consider having travel insurance in order to spare yourself from some trouble.

U.S Airlines and their Inconvenience to Watch out For
U.S Airlines and their Inconvenience to Watch out For


According to combined stats from and U.S. Department of Transportation, the Wall Street Journal had published their annual report card for the airlines to watch out for and the inconvenience they are known to commit to their customers:


  1. Cancelled Flights for United Airlines – Wall Street Journal’s annual report revealed that United Airlines came at the bottom of their Top Airlines List because of their frequent delayed and cancelled flight reports for the last year’s performance.


  1. Baggage Loss for Southwest Airlines – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s latest Annual Report revealed that Southwest Airlines had managed to take the lead for the major air carriers that have the most number of mishandled passenger luggage. It is reported that they managed to mishandle an average of 4.3 bags per 1,000 passengers for the last year.


  1. Trip Delay for American Airlines – Travelers have found out that the so-called “New American” Airline Company had managed to delay their flights for at least two hours or more.


  1. Involuntary Boarding Denials for Frontier Airlines – This low-cost Airline Company has scored last because of FAA Complaints by passengers due to their poor airline experiences.




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