What Should You Do When You Lose Your Passport?

What Should You Do When You Lose Your Passport? – Travel Dilemma

One of the greatest fears of a traveler is to lose his or her own passport.  A passport is the primary ticket one should acquire in order to realize traveling dreams abroad. Without this government-issued booklet form pass, traveling to other countries swings at down-right illegal to a definite ‘no-no.’


Now, considering that you have traveled and lost your passport in the foreign country you are in, the question surfaces as: “What should you do?”  Panicking is not the wisest step to do obviously.  While there might be a probability that you just misplaced it somewhere in your hotel room or at the other pocket of your bag, losing your cool might let you look like a buffoon.  We are giving you some shrewd steps in this article that you should do when you lose your passport in any case.


What Should You Do When You Lose Your Passport?
What Should You Do When You Lose Your Passport?


Case 1: Lost or stolen passport in your own country.


  1. When you are a 100% sure that you haven’t merely misplaced your passport, immediately file a report about the loss of passport to the government branch that works about foreign affairs. (Note: It is best if you have a scanned copy of your passport at hand.)
  2. Acquire an Official Loss Report (OLR) from your local police station or any related branch where you can obtain OLR.
  3. Get application forms for passport and fill up.
  4. Attach the given copy of Affidavit of Loss (from bureau of foreign affairs) and OLR (from the local police station).
  5. Submit the forms and supporting credentials and pay the amount required for your Passport.


Case 2: Lost or stolen passport when you’re in a foreign country.


  1. Report the loss of your passport to your country’s embassy by filing an Affidavit of Loss.
  2. In your schedule, be sure to bring your identification (e.g. driver’s license or social security ID). Also note that process will be much smoother if you have at least a photo copy or scanned copy of your passport.
  3. Fill up the forms you are required to fill-in.
  4. Pay for the fee you are obliged to remit for your Passport.